Sea Fresh Retail

Sea Fresh Retail is your professional partner for a full range of fresh and deep-frozen fish for the retail market. Apart from natural or crumbed fish products, we also excel in the development and production of appealing and unique fish concepts. Sea Fresh Retail is part of Sea Fresh, a leading internationally operating company in the field of import, export and distribution of all kinds of fish.

Our products

Sea Fresh Retail uses sustainable species of fish from all corners of the world in order to be able to offer its customers the broadest possible product range. Whether it is salmon farmed in the Norwegian Fjords, cod caught in the waters around Iceland and Norway, shrimps farmed in Asia or plaice fillet from our own North Sea; our fish is sustainable and always of the best quality.

Our innovations

Sea Fresh Retail focuses on its own product development. That way, we are best placed to supply retailers with innovative and distinctive products on a continual basis. Think, for example, of appealing fish concepts for the BBQ season or Christmas. We are broadly oriented and offer ample choice.

Our production facilities

Our own production facilities enable us to meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Sea Fresh Retail produces and packages everything in-house and is IFS Higher Level certified. Our processes and products meet the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Our packaging

Packaging and presentation are an essential element of the product. We produce under private label as well as under our own brand. There are many options in terms of packaging, from plastic to aluminium trays and from bags to cardboard boxes.

In short, Sea Fresh Retail
unburdens retailers from A to Z!

Our product range

Sea Fresh Retail produces a full range of fresh and deep-frozen fish products. Our products are divided into four categories.

Enjoy sustainable species of fish at their purest, that is, unprocessed. Naturally packaged to be prepared in a variety of ways.

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Delicious fish in a crispy coating. Pre-fried by us if desired. Everyone loves fried fish!

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Fish inconvenient to prepare? Not with our ‘Easy as Fish’ products. These products have already been marinated and seasoned and can even be packaged in a handy oven-proof tray. Briefly fry or oven cook for a tasty meal!

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Barbecued or grilled fish is very popular. Delicious fish skewers or platters, easy to prepare on the BBQ or grill. Packaged with a handy aluminium grill grate if desired.

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