Not only are fish products from Sea Fresh Retail incredibly tasty, they are sustainable too. 95% of our range comprises certified fish species. Not just MSC and ASC-certified products, but also delicious, ethically produced organic fish.

Of course, paper certifications alone are not enough. Sea Fresh Retail was a frontrunner in Norwegian salmon with the ASC hallmark for sustainable fish farming when this hallmark was still in its infancy.

We are especially proud of what we have achieved in the Philippines. Here, we are busy ensuring the sustainability of line-caught tuna in close collaboration with the WWF, with the ultimate goal of obtaining MSC certification for this yellowfin tuna. Fishermen and producers in the Philippines are being trained and educated to offer high-quality sustainable tuna.

Organic aquaculture

Organic fish farming is the most sustainable way of breeding fish. It preserves the environment, maintains natural sources and above all, respects the welfare of the fish. Our organic salmon fillet is an excellent example of a delicious and ethically produced product!

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Safely processed

Sea Fresh fish products are produced and packaged in a state-of-the-art factory. Food safety and hygiene are taken very seriously, because we are aware our products go directly to consumers. To keep the standard as high as possible, we are audited annually without prior notification and achieve a score of 95% or higher every year.

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Sustainably farmed fish

ASC stands for Aquaculture Stewardship Council. It is comparable to the MSC hallmark for wild fish, except that the ASC hallmark applies to farmed fish. The hallmark stipulates rules for reduced use of antibiotics, more sustainable feed, and better employment conditions for personnel. Sea Fresh was a frontrunner in the marketing of ASC-certified salmon from Norway.

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Responsibly sourced fish

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) hallmark is for fish products that originate from sustainable fishing. Sustainable fishing means sustainable management of fish stocks, so that as little damage as possible is caused to marine life. Furthermore, sustainable fishing is characterised by minimal by-catch.

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